Our Heritage Garden

The Clos Pegase heritage garden emerged in the summer of 2015 as a commitment to water conservation and design. The project, in partnership with renowned San Francisco garden design company Flora Grubb Gardens, replaced water-thirsty lawns with a special collection of rare, drought-tolerant plants and trees.

Standing in stark contrast to the typical Napa Valley Tuscan or Provence-inspired landscape, the Clos Pegase heritage garden is anchored by 19 heritage Jubaea Chilenis "Wine Palms" — the largest West Coast collection north of Santa Barbara. Other drought-tolerant specimens, sourced from wine-growing regions around the world, include spiky dasylirions, bold and ethereal.

Like the winery itself, the garden design combines classical elements with a modern California feel. Plants in the collection act as pollinator resources, attracting foraging bees and hummingbirds. Choosing drought-tolerant species represents our commitment to botanical diversity, water conservation and the idea of responsible landscape design as living art.

The garden serves as a living memorial to Michael Graves, acclaimed architect who won the design of our winery in an international competition in 1984.